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The carpet cleaning industry, unfortunately, has many different methods, most of which simply do not work. The problem for most cleaners is, their trucks do not have enough suction to pick up the excess soapy water. Carpet cleaning is very similar washing your clothes.  You put soap in your machine, which loosens the dirt and washes all the cleaner and dirt away with hot water. If the clothing is not rinsed out properly there will be left over soap making the fiber sticky and crunchy feeling allowing the shirt to attract dirt and break down faster. 


SO, how are we different?  We sold 3 of our cleaning trucks to buy the largest most sophisticated cleaning machine on the market. With our new cleaning truck we have more suction and heated water then any carpet cleaning truck in the area. We have the ability to have two technicians cleaning simultaneously upstairs and downstairs and still have more suction and steam then any carpet cleaning truck available.


These are the steps we take:  First, we pre-treat the carpet with the warm Eco-friendly appropriate pre-conditioner. This loosens the dirt and suspends it on the fiber. Next with a rinse with boiling water and a rinse which contains no cleaners. It is designed to remove the soap and dirt, and put your carpet at the correct pH level. By using boiling water we are able to thoroughly rinse out the cleaners we are putting down and reset the fiber.  Most dry times would be around 6-12 hours based on how much we need to rinse your carpet. All our chemicals are Eco friendly and the carpet can be walked on with clean shoes or bare feet and animals are ok to be on the wet carpet as long as they are clean. 






In the "olden days" people would say you clean your carpets and they just get dirty afterwards. This is still true today with many companies who do not remove the soap with the dirt. Soaps can be very sticky and are actually the biggest enemy your carpet has. Never, ever, use foamy cleaners. They will cause your carpet to re-soil quickly and are the hardest problems to solve. Non-foaming products are key to cleaning carpet and having no re-soiling issues. 

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